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F1 Tire Keychain

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The Formula Essentials Tire Keychain

A Must-Have for anyone with a Formula 1 Passion


  • High-quality metal rims and rubber
  • Available in all Compounds
  • The perfect gift for any F1 Fan
  • Comes ready to hang on your keys

Exclusive for your keys or even for your rear view mirror, these keychains are the perfect companion for every day. They have the perfect size for the pocket and are therefore perfectly suited for everyday life.

Our keychains are handmade and manufactured from high-qualitiy rubber and aluminum.



Red: This color represents the Soft tire used in Formula 1, which is used for the maximum grip and the fastest lap times

Yellow: This color represents the Medium tire used in Formula 1, for the best speed/tire life ratio

White: This color represents the Hard tire used in Formula 1, to go as long as possible without losing grip at the end

Green: This color represents the Intermediate tire used in Formula 1, this tire is used in wet conditions with no standing water and in drying conditions

Blue: This color represents the Wet tire used in Formula 1, this tire is only used in heavy rain conditions

Violett: This color represents the Ultrasoft tire used in Formula 1 until 2018, which was even softer then the Red colored compound

Pink: This color represents the Hypersoft tire used in Formula 1 until 2018, which was softer then the Pink colored compound


Size Chart

Diameter of the Tyre: 3.6 cm
Diameter of the Ring: 3 cm
Length of the Thread: 7 cm

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